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Ontario’s finest outdoor athletic venues rely on chainlink fences to keep the game going and keep their investment safe and secure.

Your favourite sport would be far more challenging if it weren’t for a durable chainlink fence solution. It will keep the ball from rolling away, give players privacy from their surroundings and offer security against bored neighbourhood kids. In some cases, it can also keep unruly spectators separated from the players.

In-Line Fence is an Ontario fence supply and installation company devoted to providing municipalities and private property owners with highly durable chainlink fence options for their recreational venues.

Where does In-Line’s recreational venue fence expertise lie?

Baseball fields

In-Line Fence supplies and installs towering backstops, shorter infield fences, and outfield fences. To reduce the chance of injury, In-Line’s baseball field chainlink fences come with crowns made of corrugated plastic. Strategically located fence gates help to enhance your site’s security and safety.

Tennis courts

Unless you’ve never missed hitting a tennis ball, you understand the pain of having to chase after an errant volley. Choosing a 10′ or 12′ fence with gate access allows you to enter the courts with ease, while the thick screen material covering the fence will give you privacy and help to protect your game from wind, allowing you to focus on the game.

Basketball courts

In-Line makes basketball fence installation a slam dunk. From durable foundations to quality galvanized steel posts to extra netting for stray Hail Mary passes, we have durable and attractive fencing for every court setting.

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No matter your recreational facility’s ultimate use, In-Line Fence’s materials, service and design configurations can exceed your expectations to have your venue ready to play on for this coming season.

In-Line Fence is one of Ontario’s favourite sports facility fence installation businesses. Reach out to us today and we will work with you to provide a fence design that meets your needs, at an affordable price. Visit our contact page right now!