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Got intrusion issues? Build a fence around your property and you will see a noticeable drop in the frequency and severity of mischief incidents.

Property security is one of the biggest issues facing business owners in Ontario. Implementing proven techniques to reduce and ideally halt all illegal, unwanted activity is often just a dream. You can spend thousands of dollars on surveillance cameras, adopt the fiercest dogs you can find and install dozens of lights pointing in all directions of your property, but the incidents continue.

It’s time to transform your dream of significantly reducing crime on your property into a reality. You need a new fence. In-Line Fence is a Southwestern Ontario fence leader, providing superior service and high-quality products for a wide range of fence types, with a special passion for commercial security projects.

So, why a fence? How can an affordable and beautiful wall prohibit the vast majority of unwanted occupation?

Fences Make Entering a Property More Difficult

Whether you go with a wood fence or chain link fence, you will immediately find that unwanted access to your property drops significantly. Top off your basic chain link fence with barbed wire for added security, while still maintaining its beauty with colour.

There are also metal palisade fence options, powder-coated in black and topped off with metal spikes that dissuade intrusion and double as decorative accents.

Fences Hide Your Expensive Items

Sometimes not revealing the valuables you have in your possession stops prying eyes from acting on their instincts. Standard wood fencing can completely block passersby from seeing inside your property. For chain link fences, privacy screens can be added to do the same.

Installing an opaque fence also has the added benefit of hiding your perhaps not-too-beautiful property from neighbours who have a tendency to complain about your business’s less-than-beautiful activities, whatever it may be.

Better Safe Than Sorry - Secure Your Southwestern Ontario Property With a New Fence - In-Line Fence 1

Secure Gates Leave No Gaps in Security

A fence is only as good as the entrance that your customers take to get in, which is why In-Line Fence recommends that you install a gate that keeps your property looking welcoming when you’re open, and secured when you’re closed. To make entry fast and easy, consider installing an auto slide gate or auto swing gate, removing the need to constantly have to manually open and close it.

Fences Can Be Taller

Why settle for average when you can make your property “highly” secure? Raise the height of your fence to the maximum of what your municipality allows to ensure there’s greater challenge for would-be burglars. Most municipalities in Ontario allow a fence up to eight feet tall, but check with your local by-laws to confirm this.

Although tall heights work best, even a short decorative white picket fence will dissuade unwanted visitors from walking through your property, whether it is a residential or commercial establishment.

Fences Also Keep Unknowing Trespassers Safe From Your Business

Keep in mind that not all trespassers want to cause mischief. Some businesses have equipment on their premises that can be very harmful for children and animals. Even in the case of homes, there are dangerous things like pools, firepits, fertilizers and many others that can be deadly to children and pets. We all have a duty to protect our community.

In-Line Fence can give you the fence your property needs to keep it safe. Reach out to our team to receive custom quotes – we also provide vinyl fencing, farm fencing, silt fencing and temporary fence rentals. Stay safe out there!