In-Line Fence - Article - It’s Common Sense to Pick the Right Fence: Let’s Compare Your Options

There is a slew of fence options available in Ontario, and unfortunately, not all are suited to your property. To ensure you have the fence best for your needs, you need to consider all of your options. Let’s take a deep dive into these and sort it all out.

Fences for Farms in Ontario

Whether you favour wood, wire or vinyl, there’s a fence type to suit your agricultural property and its diverse needs. Horse fencing is best as either woven wire or wood-board, providing the durability that a horse enclosure should have. Traditional three- or four-rail wood board fences also have the added value of looking beautiful from a distance or close up, although intense research has proven to us that horses mostly don’t care.

Upgrade to vinyl fences to lower your long-term maintenance and replacement costs.

Fences for Businesses in Ontario

Your business’s looks are just as important as the products and services you offer. Make your properties look great, secure your belongings and define your boundaries with In-Line Fence’s help.

To tackle security issues, we suggest the tried and true chain link fence, with perhaps an added splash of colour and a privacy screen. Combine this with a gate – either manual or electric – to help keep unwelcome guests off your property and keep pets secure.

For expansive green areas, consider white vinyl or wood-board fences that make your property stand out.
It’s Common Sense to Pick the Right Fence: Let’s Compare Your Options

Fences for Homes in Ontario

Ontarians call ‘home’ in everything from farmhouses on multi-acre properties to suburban mansions to multi-residential buildings. Every home needs a splash of beauty, privacy and security, and fences are the ultimate solution to solve all three needs.

Inexpensive urban chain link fences are nice for keeping fences in place and surrounding pools (to keep kids safe and abide by your by-laws). Wood-board fences can neatly and beautifully define your rural property’s boundaries, while vinyl can be used on pretty much any residential property assuming the height and placement of it meets your needs.

Fences for Municipal Properties in Ontario

Lastly, municipalities have a constant need to upgrade and replace fences. Whether your local government needs wood fences to keep mobs of teenagers off city lawns, chain-link fences for the new ball diamond or a stunning white picket fence around city hall, In-Line Fence is a trusted Ontario leader in providing the custom solution municipalities – cities, towns and even villages – need to complete their exterior aesthetics.

Fence Application Comparison Guide

Here is a quick guide for you to see the options that In-Line Fence offers:

Residential Agricultural Commercial Municipal
Chain Link

3- or 4- Rail Wood Board

High-Tensile Wire

To learn more about how our fences work for you, reach out to In-Line Fence today!

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