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Snow, rain and heat play havoc on our bodies. We’re constantly being told by our doctors to protect ourselves from the dangerous elements that can be detrimental to our health. But do we take the same principles and attribute them to other important things, such as your beautiful fence? Of course!

Here are Four Ways for Ontarians to Protect Their Fence Investment

Powerwash Your Fence

Invest in a good powerwasher and spend time cleaning off the buildup of dirt and grime that naturally accumulates on your wooden fence. Sometimes a fresh application of stain or paint is required, but sometimes a simple, light cleaning will quickly and effectively brighten up your fence.

Paint/Stain Your Fence

Applying a UV-resistant coating on your wooden fences will help to ensure that the harmful effects of the sun’s rays will not ruin your valuable fence. Whether you have a white picket fence or a wire fence with wood posts, the right coating can add years of protection to your fence.

Replace Posts and Boards as Needed

Mistakes happen. So when you accidentally back your tractor into a post or a cow vents its anger at your wooden boards, it’s always prudent to replace what’s broken. By staying on top of maintenance like this you will continue to have a nice fence solution for years to come.

Maintaining Your Wood Fence to Combat Ontario’s Weather - InLine Fence - Banner Image2

Clear Vegetation From Fences

Although some may think that vines look great growing on wooden fences and protect the wood from the sun, they can do much more harm than good. Ivy can quickly stain wood boards, hold moisture close to the boards’ surfaces and cause boards to sag with their weight. Allowing wood board fences some space from vegetation and away from harmful plants will add years to your fence’s lifespan.

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