In-Line Fence erosion control specialists will help you control water runoff and soil erosion on your jobsite while reducing the impact that your project has on Ontario’s irreplaceable natural environment.

When you have to keep your soil and water on your site or at the very least control erosion, there is no better option than a proactive solution from In-Line Fence. Our silt fence installation services are crucial to the safety of your crew and the health of your surrounding environment.

How Do You Install a Silt Fence?

Trust the professionals! In-Line Fence regularly works with contractors and developers throughout Southwestern Ontario on every aspect of your sediment fence plan to keep soil where it’s supposed to be. We provide a thorough estimate, design a protection plan and install your fence on time and on budget.

Remember, just like anything else on your construction site, retainment strategies only work when it is implemented properly – in the right place, with the right materials and maintained as needed. In-Line Fence is here to help mitigate your concerns.

What Are Your Silt Fence Options in Ontario?

In-Line Fence has three styles of erosion control fences that can address your needs.

Basic silt fences – In-Line’s crew regularly installs these to contain soil to your site while also allowing water to filter through, thus protecting neighbouring properties.

Wire-back silt fences – These strong silt fences have a wire backing that allows additional support when there are larger flows of water and sediment projected to take place on the site.

Heavy-duty silt barriers – Our practically impervious polypropylene material combined with strong wooden stakes can redirect water flow and ensure that even the strongest Ontario storms prove no match for your preparedness.

Silt Fences the Ultimate Barrier to Control Erosion on Your Construction Site - In-Line Fence 01

Ontario’s Silt Fence Experts Are Here to Help Contractors and Developers

Whether you are protecting properties from runoff or stopping soil erosion on a large temporary hill on your construction site, In-Line Fence can help to guide you through every step of the silt fencing process to ensure you meet regulatory requirements and be a good neighbour.

To learn more about how we can help, visit our Silt Fencing Page and request a free estimate using our Silt Fence Quote Form right now.