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As Ontario’s property values continue to reach uncharted territory, it’s about time you staked your current territory as your own – and spruce things up a bit. Replacing old, beat-up fences is becoming a hot new way to beautify your abode.

Hundreds of Ontario’s homeowners, farmers and business owners have already chosen to invest in their properties, and have put their trust in In-Line Fence – with stunning results. In-Line’s team takes care of every step of the process – from consultation to design to installation – so you can look forward to a new long-lasting fence without the stress and challenges that come from complex household projects.

Why Install a New Fence in a Pandemic?

As we continue to battle through this pandemic together, there are many reasons why now is the best time to contact In-Line Fence for your Ontario property.

Fences Encourage Social Distancing

You’re going to love your property more than ever before. In a world where social distancing is the new norm, spending more time at home or video-conferencing from your work property is more acceptable than ever before.

Fences by In-Line Fence Look Nice

Clean things up, redesign your spaces and beautify your borders – all with a stunning fence from In-Line Fence. It’s an easy way to add colour and style to your property, whether it’s a stained wood-board fence, white vinyl fence, coloured chainlink fence or just a fence gate or two.

Fences Increase Your Security Where You’re Spending Your Time

If you’re forever complaining about animals ruining your vegetable gardens, locals walking through your property or if you have even the slightest theft concerns, a proven security solution by In-Line Fence beats video cameras and signs every time.

The Pandemic Effect- the Case for Investing in Your Property’s Fence - In-Line Fence 01

In-Line Fence is Your Single-Source Provider

In-Line Fence’s team looks after every aspect of your project: we work directly with our customers on a fence design plan, we order the necessary materials, we do the land preparation and we do the installation. That means there is usually only one business operating on your property, keeping contact minimal.

You Can Save the Costs and Hassle of Moving

Who knows what the future has in store for Ontario. Together we can stay firmly planted where we are and committed to celebrating the little joys in life – a beautiful, timeless fence for your current property could be that exact thing for you.

An Investment in a Fence Raises Your Property’s Value

Although staying where you are is great if that’s what you want, many others are choosing this pandemic as an opportunity to sell their business, farm and home properties. For those in Ontario who are choosing to move, you might want to upgrade your new property’s fence before you move in. Along with all of the reasons outlined earlier, getting the job done right while you focus on the many other important aspects of moving can save you time, money and a lot of frustration.

Do You Know Who to Call for New Wood, Vinyl and Chain-Link Fences in Ontario?

Just like we need to care for ourselves and others in this pandemic, your fence could also use some love. Call your local fence experts at In-Line Fence and our experienced team can make your new fence a reality. Simply use our online Fence Configurator to access our latest pricing options or contact us for your specific fence needs. We look forward to working with you soon!