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If you’re a DIYer in Ontario looking for a cheaply made fence that costs less than a fast-food meal and is guaranteed to only last for a few years, then you clicked on the wrong article.

Whether you’re fixing your car, doing complex home repairs or building a rocket to the moon, it’s always best to trust the professionals. In the case of fences, you need In-Line Fence. We’ve been Ontario’s professional fence installation team for almost 10 years, with hundreds of happy customers who appreciate In-Line’s commitment to perfection in every way.

Here are five key ways that it’s best for Ontario’s DIYers to put down their hammer and duct tape and let the pros at In-Line Fence take on the complexities of building fences with long-lasting value.

Save Time By Hiring Fence Professionals

Instead of dragging your friends over to your house for days of arduous work trying to figure out how to clear land, set posts and install a fence, consider spending everyone’s time more productively. Like spending quality time tobogganing with your kids. Or catching up on some gaming you’ve been putting off. Or picking some wildflowers for your wife. Whatever it is you need to do, you can finally go do it and not worry about yet another task added to your ‘honey-do list’.

Use Your Valuable Energy on Other Things That Matter

Life is too short to spend endless weeks figuring out the best ways to install a fence, whether it’s a chainlink fence, wood fence, vinyl fence or wire fence. There’s also all the energy involved in choosing the right materials and actually installing everything. Here’s an idea: briefly devote some energy to call the fence experts, then let your mind focus on the many other things that occupy our lives. (See DIYer lesson #1.)

Spend Your Money Where It Matters

Everything you buy has an impact on something else, whether you spend it on yourself, your family, your business or your property. When you wisely invest your hard-earned money in a long-lasting quality-built fence from In-Line Fence, your home will benefit from your investment for years, even decades to come. Plus, you’ll discover that In-Line’s affordability isn’t as far fetched as you first think – owner John Kardux is a homeowner too and seeks to provide great prices on his quality construction.

The Real Cost of Do-It-Yourself - Tackling Your Fence Installation is Asking for Trouble - In-Line Fence 01

Get Your Fence Installed Faster Than Ever

The task of installing most fences can’t be completed in a day; not properly anyway. But depending on your fence material and size, In-Line’s crew of professionals can have your project planned out for you well in advance, with materials ordered and a crew ready to go.

For lumber fences and chainlink fences, boring holes and installing fence posts in cement can be done in a day. Again, depending on the size of your fence project the fence panels can be constructed in perhaps one additional day. Then any special fence additions like custom gates and automatic openers might take a day or two longer, but are often planned to be installed within the timeline originally communicated.

Have Your Fence Built With Materials That Last

You can go to your local hardware store and get pre-constructed wood panels that are built with the same attention to detail as a shipping pallet. Or you can choose quality and long-lasting quality that doesn’t fade after just a few years. The beauty of In-Line’s projects can last generations.

Choosing Fence Installation Experts in Ontario Pays Off for Years to Come

In-Line Fence is the fence installation company that even the most ardent DIYers trust to get the job done right. If you’re interested in learning more about what In-Line does to make your new fence better than you could ever do on your own (whether you’re thinking of a fence for your home, business or farm) reach out to owner John Kardux directly at or 226-228-3757.