Whether you need silt fences or galvanized fences – or perhaps both – trust In-Line Fence’s knowledgeable experts to ensure your construction site remains secure while protecting those around it.

Ontario’s construction industry continues to boom, even with the onset of a global economic downturn (ahem, recession). With it comes the need for fast and affordable temporary fencing that gives contractors the space they need to get their job done on time and at an affordable price.

In-Line Fence is Southwestern Ontario’s favourite choice for temporary construction fencing. Take a minute to learn more about our highly rated galvanized steel and silt fencing options available to you today.

Galvanized Steel Fence Rentals

Crucial to many urban construction sites, In-Line Fence’s galvanized fences restrict access to dangerous areas and keep people safe.

In-Line Fence’s temporary panels are a simple and cost-effective way to secure any area. Each panel is 10’ wide and 6’ high, made from high-tensile galvanized steel, which is plastic-coated to prevent rusting and fading.

These fences require no labour on your part, can be quickly erected (delivered and installed within just a few days of the order date) and are durable to withstand many of the demands your site will face.

Learn more about the benefits of In-Line Fence’s steel fence rentals on our dedicated page:


Temporary Silt Fences for Construction Sites

Often used along the perimeter of construction sites, silt fences help to reduce erosion, especially on precarious grades and around disturbed areas. Geotextile materials like our fences help to keep soil on your site while simultaneously protecting local streams and water supplies.

See more photos and learn more about the benefits of silt fences at our page:

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