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Whether you use it to listen to your favourite tunes or use it to protect your property, vinyl is a versatile and durable material that can enlighten your life and make you happy for years to come.

We’re living in a whole new world, where vinyl is huge among young and old alike. Vinyl album sales have even surpassed CD sales for the first time in an entire generation! Of course the pros here at In-Line Fence believe that vinyl makes for not only a far superior music experience, but it also makes for better fences for your rural property.

Your standard In-Line white vinyl fence is 4’ in height, with either three or four boards, which can increase privacy and animal safety. You also have the option of a vinyl gate.

Why should anyone build their estate or farm fence out of a material that made ABBA wealthy? We’ve given you four solid reasons to go vinyl…

Lumber Prices are Utterly Crazy!

Riding the pandemic pricing waves for lumber is harrowing for anyone building anything out of wood, whether it’s a whole house, birdhouse or fence. No one knows when things are going to stabilize, and so many homeowners and farmers are ending up paying thousands of dollars more than if they would have just chosen our polyvinyl chloride friend.

Long-term Investments in Your Property Make Sense

Not only is vinyl priced more competitively with lumber than ever before, but it’s the wise property investment strategy that retains its value over the long run. Ask anyone with vinyl and they will agree – it looks just as great and is just as strong as the day it was installed.

Vinyl Fences are Absolutely Stunning

Your kids or your farm animals may not care, but properties with vinyl fences can look waaay nicer than alternatives. They look great to neighbours walking by, they look great when you’re having a backyard BBQ and they look great in any season. Will they look great 10 years from now? Yes! How about 20 years from now? Probably! How about fences made of lumber? Not so much.

Vinyl Fences are Fast to Install

Large fences used to take weeks to get from start to finish. Today, with the miracle of modern science, vinyl fence components are prefabricated and – with a team of expert fence installers – they require very little time-intensive onsite cutting.

The Best Vinyl Fences in Southwestern Ontario Are Installed With In-Line Fence

Southwestern Ontario’s premier fence professionals not only provide high-quality vinyl fencing solutions, but they have fast and friendly service that’s backed by decades of combined experience installing on a wide range of farm, residential and commercial properties.

In-Line will guide you through every step of the vinyl fence installation process, from exploring and identifying the right options to seamless installation. Interested in learning more about the vinyl difference? Give us a shout right now.