Woodstock’s Favourite Fence Trends for 2023 - InLine Fence

Ontario’s fence professionals at In-Line Fence are keeping a keen eye on the best fence trends for 2023 and have curated this exclusive list of fencing options that we know you are sure to love in 2023 and beyond!

There is a huge demand for quality fences for homes, businesses and recreational facilities, and yet few people have the experience, professionalism and dedication to quality that comes from In-Line Fence.

As we look to the future, let’s see what fences achieve the top grades for property owners in Southwestern Ontario.

Woven Wire Fences on Farms

For those seeking affordable and beautiful fences for large properties, the hottest fence trend is woven fire fences. With posts made out of long-lasting wood and finished with wire, these In-Line fences do the trick of defining your property boundaries while also providing you with several other key benefits. They are strong enough to keep cattle from escaping, can be built tall to keep deer and other large mammals out and look great!

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Automatic Slide Gates

Simplifying life seems to be essential for property owners. More and more are choosing to enclose large spaces or add automatic slide gates to driveways. This feature keeps unwanted vehicles and animals from entering, and they’re available in single or double.

How does it work? The motor-propelled gate slides on a track, helping to ensure its long-term usage and security in strength.

In-Line’s residential gates can be as little as 3’ wide and up to 5’ tall, while commercial gates can vary from 4’ to 15’ wide and up to 8’ tall.

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Securing Your Property with Chain Link Fences

With chain link genes, no longer do business owners and large-property owners have spaces that can be easily ruined by the public. In-Line’s galvanized chain link fences protect against rust while stopping trespassers from entering what is not theirs.

Our galvanized fences are also affordable, can last a very long time, require no maintenance and come in various sizes, from four feet up to eight feet tall.

Chain link gates can also be added in strategic places. In-line’s reliable, secure, decorative and easy gates can be customized to fit the unique needs of your property.

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What Are Your Fence Favourites for the Future?

Feel free to share any of your favourite fence designs and trends with In-Line today. Reach out to our sales team using our convenient web form or plan your fence on your own – check out our interactive fence design tool here.