Bigger, Better, Faster, Nicer: Five of In-Line Fence’s Favorite Fence Installations

In-Line owner John Kardux selected five fantastic fence projects that have been recently completed, and wanted to share some highlights that set these great projects apart from other fencing companies.

The Pandemic Effect: the Case for Investing in Your Property’s Fence

As Ontario’s property values continue to reach uncharted territory, it’s about time you staked your current territory as your own – and spruce things up a bit. Replacing old, beat-up fences is becoming a hot new way to beautify your abode.

Cash Cow: How Ontario Businesses Can Save Money When Installing a Wood or Wire Fence

Farmers and business owners share at least one commonality: the need for practical fences at competitive prices. Whether fences are needed to keep animals in, keep thieves out or define the boundaries of a property, they can help to solve a wide range of problems.

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